PeerGuardian lists and mailservers

arg. okay just after i submitted a help ticket cause i couldnt get any email via pop… i realized peer guardian had updated
looking at the logs it was blocking which happens to be someone on the dreamhost servers.

anyways, a warning to anyone who cant check their email and run peerguardian to check that that didnt show up on their list.

Thanks! I’ve been having problems and haven’t thought to check that yet. I thought it was a Thunderbird problem since XP locked up the other day and since then I haven’t been able to connect. I thought maybe the profile got corrupted. I just installed Thunderbird on my MacBook Pro and that isn’t working either with an IMAP setting, but I just set up Mail and that worked. It isn’t refusing the connection though like it was on XP, but keeps asking for the password and I know I couldn’t have mistyped it that many times. I thought I’d check here for problems with Thunderbird lately and I saw your post.

Yeah, this is the second time this has happened to me - peerguardian blocking imap access to dreamhost.

Maybe one should create a wiki page regarding this issue.