Pecl uploadprogress install!

Hi, I’m with some troubles on uploadprogress for pecl install. First of all, the installation was not starting because of this:

(command 'pecl install uploadprogress-beta):
“php_dir for channel “” is not writeable by the current user”

I changed the php_dir on pecl and on php to my custom php installation.
(command ‘export PHP_DIR=/php5’ and for pecl ‘pecl config-set php_dir ~/php5’) I changed the binaries path and the others on pecl too.
My PHP, both the custom and the dreamhost’s one are higher than the 5.2.x ou the same.
Now i’m getting this error:

pecl/uploadprogress requires PHP (version >= 5.2.0), installed version is 4.4.7
No valid packages found
install failed

How do I change definitely the binaries and php’s, to my custom one?
Or how do I fix that?


Did you do the whole PHP5 Installation from the wiki?

As added insurance, did you set your domain to run PHP5 in the Panel?