PEAR QuickForm install

I admit, I’m completely a newbie. I searched this forum and found one thread about PEAR and Putty, but when trying to use the suggestions in there to install the HTML_Common package so I could then install quickform I failed.

I tried typing:
$ pear install -o HTML_Common

And got:
WARNING: “pear/HTML_Common” is deprecated in favor of "pear/H"
Cannot install, php_dir for channel “” is not writeable by the current user

Right, so I have no idea what to do. Help?

Did you review the DreamHost wiki article on PEAR?


No, somehow in my searching I completely missed the obvious. The wiki article answered all my questions and I’m now happily Pearing away. Thank you so much!

You are most welcome, and I’m glad you are now “happily Pearing”! :slight_smile:


Dreamhost wiki on Pear installation was great. Just having some trouble getting QuickForm.php to run properly.

Here is my code…

<? php $pear_user_config = '/home/myusername/.pearrc'; set_include_path( '.' . PATH_SEPARATOR . '/home/myusername/pear/php' . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path() ); require_once ('/home/myusername/pear/php/HTML/QuickForm.php'); $form = new HTML_QuickForm(); $form->addElement('text','email','Email Address: ', array('size'=> 30, 'maxlength'=>100)); $form->addElement('text','name','Name: ', array('size'=> 30, 'maxlength'=>100)); $form->display; echo '


'; It runs without errors, and I see "hello" on the screen, but no sign of a form. Can anyone provide some insight? Thanks.

doh. $form->display is a function so it should be… $form->display(); with parentheses.