PEAR mimeDecode

Hi all,

I need to use the PEAR Mail package, and as stated here:
it’s installed.

I also checked using “pear list” from the command line and the result is:


Archive_Tar 1.1 stable
Console_Getopt 1.2 stable
DB 1.6.2 stable
HTTP 1.2.2 stable
Mail 1.1.3 stable
Net_SMTP 1.2.6 stable
Net_Socket 1.0.1 stable
PEAR 1.3.2 stable
XML_Parser 1.0.1 stable
XML_RPC 1.1.0 stable

so the mail package is definitively installed.

This php script:

<?php include('Mail/mimeDecode.php'); ?>

produce this error:

Warning: main(Mail/mimeDecode.php): failed to open stream…

I tried using PHP as CGI but nothing changes. Can anybody help?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re using PHP 4, then for whatever reason it seems Mail_mimeDecode isn’t installed. Mail is, but not that.

If you’re using PHP 5, then Mail isn’t even installed! I’m guessing it’s not possible to install PEAR for a CGI-only installation of PHP, which version 5 is for Dreamhost.

I can now confirm that your issue is because Dreamhost doesn’t have Mail_Mime installed.

Use that link to install your own version of PEAR, install Mail_Mime and then set your include_path either via .htaccess or set_include_path(). You should be good to go after that. (Both versions of PHP, module and CGI)