Pear, mdb2

I installed PEAR into the home directory of a PHP5 website. I followed the instructions in the DH wiki and in this post:

Everything went well except for setting the include path. No matter what I tried, my script could not locate MDB2.php. I escaped this the cheap and lazy way by simply changing the call to MDB2.php to include the full path:


OK then! This got me past the MDB2 errors I was having, but now I have a new problem: my script can’t access the database! I am using the following syntax for the DSN connection:

$BX_config[‘dsn’] = ‘mysql://’;

These credentials work just fine when trying to access phpMyAdmin, leading me to believe one of two things:

  1. By cheating on the include path, I have introduced a problem, not fixed one.

  2. This type of DSN connection is not supported.

Is anyone else using MDB2 without error on a PHP5 DH site? Ideas? All comments appreciated!

UPDATE: Got it! I had to also install MdB2_Driver_mysql. Now, I just have to deal with the SQL errors this application (planet-php) is giving me!