PEAR - Installing packages & general questions abt


I’m new to dreamhost and now am wondering how I would go about installing PEAR modules.

I have searched the wikki and ,as best as I can tell, have searched the forum as well and am coming up with not too much.

Is there a way for me to install PEAR into my /home/username/ directory and include packages from there?

I’m relatively new to using Putty and know next to nothing about trying to get this working here, so as clear and concise of help as I can get… would be awesome.

Thanks in advance,

Perhaps this URL will help you.

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That’s only useful if you’ve already installed PEAR yourself, into your own home directory, and even then if you want to install the entire PEAR library, which almost no one would, I’d imagine.

Anyway, I did this myself because the DH selection of modules is a bit skimpy, to put it mildly (no XML packages??). There are good instructions in the PEAR manual. You’ll have to install an SSH client and set up shell access for yourself before you can get to this part, of course. Once you’ve got it installed, you can run all your pear commands as you normally would, but the modules will be installed into the location you specified when you installed PEAR.

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