Pdf form

I would like to use pdf forms on a site for a client. I know how to set them up to work the way I like in Acrobat. However I am fuzzy on how to get the completed form (filled out by a customer on-line or off-line) emailed/submitted safely back to my client. The form will contain credit card details so needs to be sent via secure channels.

I would like the returned form to be received as a pdf too if possible. Has anyone got experience with making this work? Would appreciate any help.

Many Thanks

There are free libraries for creating PDF files for Perl and PHP. I’m learning how to use them now myself in fact. But I don’t know of any that allow you to make a fill-out form or add security measures. But once you have the form data submitted you can use them to create a PDF from it, and can use GPG to encrypt the results.

Do you have a secure site setup already?

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I haven’t set up the secure site yet but dreamhost does provide ssl so I am assuming that that part shouldn’t be a problem.

Adobe acrobat works real good for creating the fill-out forms and it lets you add a submit button but the submitted form needs to be “treated” on the server by some sort of script and then the result should be emailed and/or submitted to a database.

I will research this further. Let me know if you figure something out. Thanks

Well as for as generating PDF documents there is TCPDF

I’ve only got it on my local machine so far. Haven’t figured out if a custom PHP will be needed for encryption/signing yet.

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