Hi there,

I really want to hopst with dreamhost. a lot of my freelance developer collegues are using it and i wpuld like to host my domain here because of svn support.
There is only one problem. I don’t own a credit card. Is it possible to use paypal? it would help me out


PayPal policies here change periodically, so your best bet is to contact Sales. They may also accept checks mailed to their Brea office.

And for the record, I don’t know how I’d function without a credit card. I don’t need the high limit, just the convenience. How do you cope?



I live in the netherlands. And most of the time you don’t need a credit card. every pay with a credit card costs like $10,- normally i pay with a normal bank account card or with a app on my iphone. I’m thinking about a credit card though. Because it’s handy to use for overseas payments.

thanks for the reply i will contact them


You could probably get a Debit MasterCard through your PayPal account. Although check if (and how much) they charge for the convenience.

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With your Dutch bank-account card which will MOST LIKELY have a Mastercard logo (or Visa logo) you can also make online payments. As long as you have enough on your account it should work. They call these debit cards, which are the just standard bank cards which banks give when opening an account to use in ATM-machines.
And I am sure that Dreamhost accepts Debit cards.