PayPal Support

Holy crap I’ve been waiting a week to pay for my dreamhost hosting (1year with $97 discount).

I dont have a credit card, so I went to scriptlance did some donkeywork that took me HOURS, got paid a measley $50 minus $5 commission to them and waited till it was finally transfered to paypal.

Now somehow, during that waiting period, DreamHost no longer accepts paypal!!??!? I was on the invoice screen to paypal before this must have happened literally today or something. DAMN!

Please if anyone has a googlebuy account or something I can pay you with paypal and use your $97 discount code too. Its only like $22.47 or something but jesus. I really need this too I only have so much time before my courseload gets heavy again and I wanted to start some money-making things.

So again, if anyone can pay for me if I pay them the amount via paypal I would be willing to use their discount code and maybe pay a little extra.r

I took it for granted they accepted Paypal, well thats me hosting elsewhere if thats the case, cant be messing around trying to pay someone that makes things awkward.

They do take paypal, apparently the disappearing paypal option for me is because I mulled over my purchase so many times.

It set off a fraud detector and disabled the paypal payment option (required contacting support). I now use dreamhost, its very good.

My control panel Billing section says they take a bunch of credit cards, gift certificates, checks/money orders, and, yes, PayPal. The only catch is that there are no refunds when you use PayPal.


I’ve heard/read that DreamHost disables PayPal selectively based on some confidential region-based anti-fraud mechanisms.

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