Paypal Rewards Question


Hi. I’ve built up some rewards via the referal system and I was wondering 2 things:

  1. Do I have to wait 97 days before I can receive the rewards?
  2. To correctly receive the Paypal payments do I just check the box marked ‘Yes, I want excess…’ and enter the email I login to Paypal with into the email field? Then click ‘Update Cashout Settings’

All should be good then? Thanks


You are correct on both counts.

With regards to the 97 day wait, the first 5 referrals you get you will have to wait 97 days before you can withdraw the funds so to speak, these 5 referrals also have to not cancel their accounts before the 97 days is up, after the 5th referral has reached 97 days I believe you recieve what is known as “Platinum Status”, after this has occured the 97 day wait no longer applies although I can’t confirm this as I haven’t made 97 days on 5 referrals.

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