PayPal Pro 2.0 Not Working

hi. we cannot get PayPal Pro 2.0 to work on our site. it seems to have gone down friday. PayPal Standard DOES work. On Friday, we did some maintenance due to the hack attack on Wordpress, like eliminating ADMIN and other security measures, but it took down our PayPal Pro 2.0.

Anyone else having this issue?

My programming team moved the site to another hosting server and it IS working…so we’re thinking it’s a DreamHost problem. They think possibly CURL.

we keep getting a “There was a problem connecting to the payment gateway” error

What application are you using to connect to PPPro2?

Are you using an SSL certificate?

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yes, we are using an SSL certificate


I’ve noticed problems with both initiating and maintaining SSL connections from a couple of servers here, but in all cases the problem seems to be intermittent which makes it hard to tell if it’s a local system issue or an upstream provider that’s dropping the connection.

A couple of things you might try is to put a test and retry clause inside paypal-pro.merchant.php - or maybe just try increasing the timeouts. The upper limit for Paypal is 30 seconds and there are two in the file @ 180 and 261 (your programmer will know what to do).

Having said all that, if it’s working perfectly fine elsewhere then it might be best to leave it running elsewhere.

thanks much sXi. here’s more information from my programmers:

they thought they found the error here

object(WP_Error)#217 (2) { [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“http_request_failed”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(20) “connect() timed out!” } } [“error_data”]=> array(0) { } }

but when they fixed that it still didn’t work.

they sent this to me, too. any info would help. dreamhost is not responding to my emails. thanks.

The error is because your copy of CURL is unable to validate PayPal’s SSL certificate. There are two potential causes:

  1. There’s some form of man-in-the-middle attack going on, and your site is contacting a “fake” PayPal instead of the real one
    OR … [MUCH more likely]
  2. Your PHP/Curl installation isn’t up to date / configured correctly, and needs either that latest certificate bundles installed – or needs to be pointed at a valid certificate bundles.

ddotcom12 - What’s your domain? I can go take a look as to why curl’s being silly for you.

the dreamhost team did just get back to us though and they think it’s an At&t, server, paypal issue. They have offered to change servers for us. I told them to go ahead…however, if you know something else, I’d like to hear it.
thanks VERY much!

If the issue is consistent rather than intermittent then looking at the CA would be a good idea.

You might be able to test by instructing cURL to forgo the verification step. This is usually accomplished by setting CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER to false (or by switch: -k/–insecure). Note that this should only be done in testing as the connection should of course be verified.

cURL offers the CURLOPT_CAPATH (switch: --cacert [file]) to set a custom target CA.

Oh, yeah. We’re having problems with AT&T and PayPal which aren’t us. Or rather, it’s not JUST DreamHost, a lot of people have reported issues where the AT&T backbone is stopping them from getting to PayPal. It looks like you have the right version of curl on the server you’re on, so the connection issue would make perfect sense.

thank you thank you thank you sxi and ipstenu-dh…much appreciated. will relay all this gibberish [jk] to my programmers and we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

they moved servers and everything seems to be working. although i searched, i did not find info in the forums on at&t and paypal issues. there may be others out there having the same problem. is there a way to indicate this problem for them?

Who did the moving and to where was it moved?

[quote=“ddotcom12, post:11, topic:59814”]although i searched, i did not find info in the forums on at&t and paypal issues. there may be others out there having the same problem. is there a way to indicate this problem for them?
[/quote] was historically the place for this type of stuff, but policy has changed in recent years and it is no longer used for some known ongoing issues.

If other users encounter consistent connection failures then hopefully they will search the forum like you did and find your thread here, or get lucky that when they send in a ticket the person who picks it up is either Ipstenu or someone else who is aware of the troubles surrounding SSL connections.

Ipstenu. Double shifts. 6 days a week :smiley: