PAYPAL please for domain reg

As you will all have noticed Dreamhost recently said TOUGH LUCK to all of us who have been on here for years in respects to being invoice billed then we pay with our paypal accounts for things like domains. Now the only way to get an autorenewal is to give Dreamhost all your credit card details and LEAVE THESE ON FILE.

So what this destroys is the old style autorenew system unless you agree to Direct Debit on your credit card. No thanks. I never signed up for this when I joined Dreamhost so this radically alters my terms and conditions without even being informed via a letter first! Thats plain wrong.
Errrrm. Am I the first to point out that this sucks, badly.

First off I don’t want to leave my credit card details on Dreamhosts server and I don’t want it taking money out automatically when I least expect it because it might push my balance in my bank into the red and cost me heavily in banking fines.

In discussions with Dreamhost I have been told that because some people hadn’t paid and this left them in the red they have shifted to a system of “PAY NOW UPFRONT AND AUTOMATICALLY ON TIME” which sounds great for Dreamhost but actually shifts the SHAFT to US THE USERS now…

This means lot of users having holy hell that comes with overdrawn bank charges.

Also there is no way to set up PAYPAL for paying for your domain reg fees. This has pushed me into a situation where to get around this I am buying Dreamhost Gift Certificates WITH PAYPAL (!) to redeem on paying for a domain. What sort of lunacy is this. Why cant we just pay for a domain with paypal… simple. Dreamhost tells me its talking around the office about having Paypal for domains and much umming and aaaaaahing over it. Seems like a no brainer to me… if you have paypal elsewhere on Dreamhost so it should be everywhere including payment for domains , shouldnt it? I can renew with a gift certificate paid for by paypal but not with paypal direct. Elmer Fudd has entered the building.

What say you, dreamhost community… do you prefer Dreamhost holding your credit card details and syphoning money as a direct debit when they want or do you prefer being billed and paying then via invoice when YOU want.

I prefer being invoiced and paying via Paypal.

Thoughts anyone?

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