Paypal & money back

Hello everyone.
I would like to know if it’s possible to get your money back within the first 97 days if you paid with paypal…

I just wanted to make sure before I buy hosting from you cause I’ve never bought any hosting before so I’m not so sure about it and I don’t want to risk losing my money.

I think that’s a “no” on paypal:

[quote]If you decide - within the first 97 days of your time with us - that DreamHost isn’t for you, we will gladly close your account and refund any payments you’ve made to us within those first 97 days.*

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  • Credit card and Google Checkout payments only. Excludes domain registration fees, bandwidth overage charges, and dedicated server payments. Refunds not guaranteed for accounts found to be in violation of DreamHost’s Terms of Service or Anti-Spam policies.[/quote]
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DH prefers Google Checkout. I’ll suggest you to use Google Checkout to make payment.

Somebody don’t even see PayPal option when they sign up a plan.

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Where has DreamHost said this? I can’t find a thread with someone mentioning a DreamHost representative saying this.

I know that in cases where you’ve triggered fraud detection on your other payment methods, you’re often asked to use Google checkout because they have the most discerning fraud detection of the available payment methods.

I ask because I don’t see Google checkout as an available payment method for additional payments - renewals and such, and I was wondering what “prefers” means to DreamHost.

I also know that we see a fair number of people here complaining that their payment was complete at Google Checkout and yet their DreamHost account hasn’t been fully activated because Google hasn’t remitted payment to DreamHost. This is obviously not a situation anyone wants to be in. Parenthetically, I’ve been wondering whether this situation corresponds to foreign currency transactions, which always take a lot longer to complete.

Anyway, I wonder all these things because I signed up using a credit card and that’s also the credit card I autobill for renewal and additional charges. My account was set up and I was up and running in a matter of minutes. Then again I have a US address and entered my credit card billing address correctly.

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It was pointed out by some customers in the forum.

If we stay outside of US, we may have problem to pay using credit card. Although our credit cards are valid, for some reasons, it may be rejected by DH fraud systems.

This problem can be solved by using Google Checkout. That is why some customers here say “DH prefers Google Checkout”

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