PayPal IPN Password Script on Dreamhost?


Has anyone successfully implemented the PayPal IPN Password Management Script on their dreamhost site?

Basically this is a PERL script that PayPal talks to after completing a transaction that automatically writes new users to your .htpasswd file.

I’m having some basic PERMISSION DENIED errors from the script and would love some insight from anybody that has gotten this to work on what they needed to to specifically on the dreamhost side to get things rolling correctly.


I have not implemented that script on DreamHost, so I may be way off base here, but from your post I have an idea what may be the problem.

DreamHost uses suEXEC, so you should set the permission for the script, and the directory it resides in, to 755 (even if other instructions say something different). Often permission problems are related to the script, or directory, being set to some other permissions.


thanks rlparker.

I think a combination of this and moving the actual .passwd file OUTSIDE of the directory that I was trying to protect got things working.

Good deal, and I’m glad you got it working! Even if you are not 100% sure what fixed it, or how, “working” is better than “not working”. :wink: