Ok first I want to know do you except paypal?
Also if I signup for one year when it comes time to renew, will there be any price changes, or plan down grades? Since you guys do have that special…

Also after one year can I switch to monthly payments, and not have a setup fee?


Firstly I should point out that this forum is primarily a user to user forum. Folks from DreamHost do post in some threads, but this is not the best place to obtain answers directly from DreamHost, using the contact form listed below is probably the best way to obtain answers to your questions.

Having said this; I think I can help you out with a couple of your questions.

Yes, DreamHost except payment by PayPal. However, you should be aware that the 97 day guarantee does not apply to PayPal payments.

No, the price of your plan will remain the same for as long as you maintain your account and the disk space / bandwidth allocations will also remain the same.

Actually, the disk space / bandwidth allocations grow each week, it is kind of a loyalty bonus. Also, DreamHost has a history of offering any new plan improvments to existing customers.

This one I am not sure about, your best course of action would be to use the afformentioned contact form and ask DreamHost this question.


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You can change from yearly (or every 2 years) to monthly here:

So, exept the first year, if you don’t pay every 2 years,
there is no direct financial advantage to pay yearly.

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