I’m thinking of joining Dreamhost, but I have a question about the payments.

I’m thinking about signing up for the Crazy Domain Insane! package, and since I’m not made of money I have to pay every month.

Can you choose between different payment metodhs or how does it work?

Thanks in advance!

There is a better explanation here.

Actually, it’s the same page, suitably adjusted to feature my referral ID instead. I just wanted to highlight this example of where I think using the referral ID is probably a little unfair.

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The page here doesn’t really mention that after the first year for dirt-cheap you’re locked at yearly payment rate for CDI plan unless you then pay $50 to downgrade to monthly payments. In other words, after a year of 777-promo you have to cough up $119.40 for the next year unless you at that point pay an extra $50.

All in all it’s still not a bad price, and you can use the year to save up for that $119.40.

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(in case you’re wondering, the topic of predatory referrals has been a hot topic around here – and since DH doesn’t seem to mind it I figured what the hey, let’s all jump in on the bandwagon! – sign up with Dreamhost and you, too, can prey for $100 referrals!)

It doesn’t. I now think that such use of referral IDs is a little unfair. At the time, I posted the link in that way because I thought I might as well profit if everyone is going to.

Everyone does that once in a while. It was my attempt to be amusing.

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