Payments Report and Referral Report

Hi all, here’s a question for the old-timers:
How long is the history kept for the Payments Report and the Referral Report in the Rewards section of the control panel? The Payments Report says it has the “complete history” of your DreamHost rewards. Will these lists keep growing forever and ever, getting longer and longer holding names from the dawn of time?

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Hehe, yes, the list will eventually become the largest database query off all time depending on how hard you work of course. :smiley:

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I would assume that it would just keep getting bigger.

One thing I wonder about is that I created my promo codes in March but a refferal I got shows the date they signed up as January using a code.

Figure they probably signed up for an ID in january but used a code later.

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My referral report today added one which referral date show Feb 23 2003 :-o

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Not going to really worry, if I have a refferal it doesn’t really matter to me what the date is, so long as it shows up.

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