Payments from Brazil

Hi, I would like to create an account with DH but you’re not accepting international credit cards from Brazil anymore. How do I proceed now ?

This screen capture below show the problem with Brazil CC.

Thank you

I wonder why Dreamhost aren’t accepting payments from Brazil through Google Checkout, seems an odd thing to do when the fraud detection onus is on Google, I would have thought the point of using Google’s checkout was to allow payments from any country.

Anyway vynnus, the best thing for you to do is to Contact Dreamhost through their contact form.

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It is really strange. We thought Google Checkout was the best option to make payment in DH.

If you do not feel comformtable to make payment using money order, I think you’d better to refer to DH support for solutions.

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You could try using paypal instead if that is available in Brazil

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It happened to me when I pay in China and select my credit card country as China and city as Hong Kong. It show DH do not accept credit card from China. After I change the country to Hong Kong directly, it is accepted.

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To use paypal you have to ask for DH support

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I used pay pal 3 weeks ago no problem. I have no credit cards so the only other option would have been a cheque.

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One thing to know is that there were some refund restrictions when using paypal. Confirm with support if you have any concern you might need to use the 97 day refund.

Of course you won’t have to but some people will.

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You should try for Brazil.

Nice service. As good as DreamHost.


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ok, Thank you everybody for helping. I solved my problem sending a fax. I got those $97.00 discount and now I’m enjoying DH. Thanks again

You are welcomed.

Thanks for letting us know.

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