Payment successful but account never activated!

I paid and no account activated, I already called and confirmed with my credit card company and google. they cleared that my payment is successful and they told me to contact dreamhost. When i email to Sales department, now you guys said it is pending?

Google checkout usually takes anywhere from a seven days to a few weeks
(usually two weeks) to be processed. Once we receive the final
transaction from Google, your account will then be activated. It is
currently set at “pending” until we receive confirmation from Google.
That is why any email you setup through your web panel will not be
active. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further
or have any further questions.


Jun 5
$140.80 charge - Your credit card (VISA xxx-8938) was charged for $140.80. “GOOGLE *” will appear on your credit card statement.
Jun 5
Order received - DreamHost Web Hosting received your order.
Jun 5
Order placed - Your order was placed with DreamHost Web Hosting. A confirmation email was sent to you by Google.

Be Patient,

I also had the same question before. I got activated within 2 days.



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This is the DreamHost customer-to-customer forum. Welcome!

What’s your question and how can we help you? :slight_smile:

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why is DH customer support said my google account is pending when my google account status payment is cleared. I called my credit card and google to verify is it pending, they said no, it is cleared and success. I also have confirmation # from google too. And I re-email customer support again with confirmation but still not get any reply yet. why their support is taking so long long for respond.

That would be something you’d have to work out with DreamHost support. No one here on the forums can help you I’m afraid.

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Don’t have any idea, but I got activated within 2 days. It maybe just administration things :slight_smile:



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I’d guess that they haven’t received the confirmation from Google checkout. I know you have, but it could be either be a communication problem between Google Checkout and DreamHost or it could be some other internal validation that Google Checkout has to do before they submit the final approval to DreamHost.

Regarding why support is taking a while, it’s probably because it’s not technical support that’s handling this - it’s probably account activation or accounting’s responsibility. I dunno if tickets are routed to the right people automatically or if this is done manually. It could be that they’re getting good response from their 555 promo and are just a little slower in getting through the queues.

I know you’re very excited to begin building your site, but I sometimes like to be patient and wait for the automated systems to process because there’s less chance of human error. I remember seeing posts from people who’s payment situation has gotten mixed up by too much human intervention. Anyway, I’m not advising you of anything, just mentioning what’s worked for me.

Finally, we should all remember that there’s only so much human intervention that we can expect at the prices we’re being charged. The key to DreamHost being a low cost provider is their ability to keep costs down. Manually expedited processing costs money.

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Well, if it means anything to you, I signed up on the 31st. I got the email about an order receipt from Google, account approval, checkout payment receipt, and registration sucess from DH.
I started cracking html codes and uploading files. Everytime I hoped to view the page when done, it was of no use on the FTP server.
It is the 5th and still nothing shows. Does your bank account say it has the money already withdrawn? If not, then that might be the case. If so, how long? Statement on mine did not show up until the 4th apparently. Anyway, I am still waiting.
My logic, they are working on it. The money in my bank account just now shows that the money exchange did indeed go through. Now I am adding on two days for after.
If nothing happens in that time, then I intend to contact. Afterall, who puts up something the exact moment some other company says a payment has gone through? Then there is the case of sorting through all of the other orders people have placed. If you got a domain it probably takes a while to get it up.
Anyway, patience.

Well I have the same problem. I registered and have been waiting for more than 2 days. I’ve checked and the payment has done very quickly, dreamhost also sent me an email saying that they have recieved my payment from google.
I already asked them several times through support and they kindly replied very quickly. But nothing happened and I still have to wait.
Does any one know if it’s possible to delete the domain I registered for free and replace by another domain? Actually I deleted the domain by mistake and just don’t know wether I still can have one free domain. And whether it’s free forever or I still have to pay next year?

Your case is really serious.

I’ll suggest you to contact DH support again with the details of your payment. For example, when you signed up, when you made payment, you can also attach DH’s receipt.

Tell DH that you have waited for 6 days. I think your case is worth to send a “OMG, EXTREMLY CRITICAL EMERGENCY” ticket.

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Heh, it just now appeared for me this morning. If nothing occured by the end of today, I was going to act. Shrugs It just seemed the rational thing looking at payment strands.

Yeah, I wonder if the weekend played into the delay. Glad things worked out for you and that your patience paid off!

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