Payment related problems


I just bought hosting yesterday, with the promo code 777. It was valid for the 1 year hosting with free domain making the hosting cost less than 9.50USD for the first year. I recieved 2 e-mails after my purchase, a reciept and an e-mail that stated that i’ll get another e-mail when account get’s activated. I didn’t got the e-mail that I’m activated, and to that I did not got any e-mail about why my account was not activated. So, I contact them and impressively, the reply was fast, and said I got a refund, since my account was flagged by their automated fraud detection. The credit card was valid, used it everywhere around the net. After their reply, I immediately responded, and it’s been 12 hours since their last reply. I hope they reply as soon as possible as I need help. I’ll need a refund receipt if that’s the case, or the hosting i bought.

-When do I get the refund reciept for the payment I’ve sent yesterday?

-Do I get my account activated, since the message might just be an error and wait for my account to be activated?

Thank you for listening!
I hope for great hosting!


thanks too! I know the support will tell me what to do in order to get the hosting. Used my mom’s CC.

Looking forward to be hosted in dreamhost.


They said that the CC i used was a fraud. I have to check first the CC Bill if no money was lost. What if the $9.24 was taken off the CC, what will I do next? Will I still get the money back? although brett said I got a refund, but no receipt. i should get an e-mail reciept for a refund right?