Payment Refund Terms After 97 days for 1 or 2 Year Term?

In the DreamHost terms of service the following is stated:

Does this mean that after the 97 grace period has ended for a 1 year or 2 year term purchase, you cannot receive a pro-rated refund for your money?

-=> Gregg <=-


What that means is that the system does not provide automatic refunds after the 97 day period but instead returns the pro-rated unused amount as account credit.

Let me know if you have any further questions I’d be happy to assist.

Dee J.

And just to confirm, this “account credit” is credited back to the original purchaser’s credit card, correct?

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No, the account credit is left on your DreamHost account to pay for other services we provide.

If you’d like it refunded to your credit card, though, we may be able to do that as well — we’ll confirm with you what card it should go to.

Well I would like to cancel my account but I haven’t tried to do so because I paid for it with Paypal and I’m aware that you do not refund that under any circumstances.

However, what you say here gives me an idea.

Can I cancel my hosting, get the pro-rated unused amount returned as account credit, and then buy enough domain registrations to use up the account credit?

Certainly. We’d hate to see you leave, but yes - you could certainly use an account credit from a cancelled hosting plan for domain registrations, SSL certificates, or anything else we offer.

I’m not sure how to do this. I’ve messaged Dreamhost support as follows,

[quote]Dear Dreamhost

I’ve deleted all my users, databases, etc, anything which I think needs a hosting plan, and please could you now cancel my “My Crazy Domain Insane” hosting plan. If there’s anything I forgot to delete, please go ahead and delete it.

I couldn’t find where to do this myself on the “manage account” panel. There’s something called “close account/end all hosting”, but that’s not what I want to do; I’m not leaving Dreamhost and plan to go on being a customer, keeping the domain registrations. It’s just the hosting plan that I don’t need any more. Please could you convert the pro-rated unused amount into account credit. Thanks.[/quote]

and received the reply,

[quote]Thank you for contacting Dreamhost.
To properly cancel your service please follow the instructions here:

If you have any other questions just let me know!


The instructions there only explain how to cancel the account … but I don’t want to cancel my account … I only want to cancel the hosting plan and get account credit. What to do?

Each of your questions is answered on the link support gave you.

Read carefully the section titled "If I cancel, do I get my money back? "

One point that is not really clear tho, when you click “close account”, it is only closing your hosting account. You will still be able to log in to the panel to manage your registration (and DNS if dreamhost is hosting it). You can also re-add hosting via that log in.

Hi. Well I have 2 questions. Neither of which are answered, so far as I can tell, in the link which DH Support gave.

Question 1 (post #5) is “Can I cancel my hosting, get the pro-rated unused amount returned as account credit, and then buy enough domain registrations to use up the account credit?”

which was answered (post #6) “yes - you could certainly use an account credit from a cancelled hosting plan for domain registrations, SSL certificates, or anything else we offer.”

Question 2 (post #7) is “What to do?” i.e. What must I do to get account credit from a cancelled hosting plan?

The link from DH Support does not explain how to do this.

Well DH_Dee (post#2) will have to make some special arrangements if she meant what she said meant, because from the dreamhost terms of service (post #1) and the wiki article posted (post# 7) are all pretty clear that no refunds are given.

AFAIK the only time the system will put credit back on your dreamhost account is when you upgrade services, at such time it does give you credit for the unused days in your old plan.

PS - I was just closing windows and happened to read the very last line of the wiki article that support linked =]

Upon canceling hosting, we automatically generate a prorated credit for any left over time you paid for, which remains on your account (to use for registrations, etc. if you like). So the credit should already be on your account automatically.

If you give me an associated domain, or your account ID number, I can definitely look into your account and see what’s up. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Elle and Andrew, the account credit mechanism worked exactly as you explained it would. But the process is weird. The screen which comes up when you press on “Close Account” says:

[quote]Please don’t go!

If you complete this process, your entire hosting account will end immediately!
(If you want to close your account at a later date, please just return to this page on that date)

Closing your hosting plan means ALL domains you have hosted with us will stop working right away! Also, everything related to your domains will stop working: email addresses (including forwards), mailing lists, jabber accounts, databases, etc.

Your domain registrations will still work through their expiration dates. You can continue to manage DNS for these domains through the panel, and you can choose to host them elsewhere. Also, if any domain registrations were free with your hosting you’ll now have to pay for them.

Remember too, your account has unlimited disk and bandwidth!

Are you sure you want to lose all that?

Not to mention, if you close your account you won’t get the awesome newsletter!

You won’t get blah, blah, blah… Okay, you get the picture. If you’ve already made up your mind, so be it! We won’t stop you and if you ever change your mind and want to re-open your account with us, we’ll be ready, no hard feelings.[/quote]

Phew. Does that give any indication whatsoever that the system is about to apply the pro-rated unused amount back on to your account as credit? No it does not! It says it is going to blow your account to smithereens, leaving you only a measly panel where you can manage and if necessary pay for your domain registrations.

Well anyway, you then have to tick a box that says “Yeah yeah, I know. I’d still like to cancel” which does finally take you to a panel where it says it is going to credit your account with the unused amount.

So you go ahead with the heart-rending goodbyes (at least, the Dreamhost panels attempt to give an impression of being heart-rent)

(and, by the way, the panel completely ignored my explanations that I am not leaving, I am simply hosting with another host while Dreamhost tackles some instabilities)

and then you get an email saying:


This is just an email verification for you that we’ve now closed your Account as you just requested via our web panel.

You will no longer receive any bills from us (unless you kept an active domain registration with us) nor other communications.

We’re very sorry it didn’t work out and maybe we’ll see you again someday!

The UnHappy DreamHost Goodbye Team[/quote]

Again, no mention that you still have an actual account at Dreamhost, let alone an account in credit.

If you then log back in to your account, you find that (a) you still have an account and (b) it has been credited with anything up to a couple of hundred dollars. You may not be quite confident that this money is real. At this point you can google for “show me some 4-letter .com domain names that have come on to the open market after yet another cybersquatter has thrown in the towel” and test your credit with an impulse buy.

As I mentioned, that was weird, but not nearly as weird as what happened next.

Since google apps is no longer free, I tried to add my new domain as an alternative domain on one of my existing google apps accounts. I got the message, “This domain name has already been used as an alias or domain.”

Some googling took me to where it says:

So I did that, and got an email from google inviting me to choose a fresh password.

When I logged in I found a complete google apps setup with lots of users. The names all seem to be Swedish.

My first thought was to delete everything and start afresh but then it occurred to me that I ought to give them a chance if they want to save any data first.

So I’ve emailed the previous admin on the secondary contact info address to say

If there are further developments I’ll keep the forum posted.