Payment question

I run two websites on dreamhost, both with domains register at dreamhost. They all expire this month. I want to pay them through paypal or credit card.

When i press ‘billing’ on the control panel it says 0$ - nothing to pay.
I guess that will only says something after my domain or hosting expire, but i want to pay everything at once.
How can i mae a payment for one more year of hosting and domain registrations?

Thanks in advance.

I think you can renew at Domain->Registration->than click renew now on your selected domain. I think it will generate payment bill.

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Ok, that’s for the domains… what about the hosting?

if you want to pay w/ paypal just pay it
DH will cut it when your hosting reach the time limit
as for CC I’m not really sure but you can set automatic re-bill for each month/year


You can goto Billing->Manage Account and than edit your existing plan. You can do some modification if necessary and than restart a plan as new. The remaining credit will transfer to your new plan and any outstanding amount will be billed to you.

If you do not have to change anything, you can just goto Billing->Make Payment and enter the amount manually and PAID them as pedrotuga suggested.

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