Payment problem?

Hello everyone.

I am a member of this site since December 2nd 2010 and I have bought the “My Happy Hosting” hosting plan. Its value is stated like this in my control panel:

[quote]$119.40 yearly ($9.95 per month) edit
(Discounted to $35.40 for your first year!)[/quote]

This should mean that I have to pay around 3$ per month during my first year. Why is my account currently billed for $25.45?

*Excuse me if the subject is posted in the wrong section.

You’re on a yearly billing plan, not a monthly plan, so you have to pay for the whole year at once (less $9.95 which was charged for your domain registration when you signed up).

We do offer monthly billing plans, but they are not eligible for most of our promotions. You probably don’t want one.

So after I pay these 25.45$ the next payment will be due to December 2011?