Payment pending please fix!


I have paid via google wallet my pending payment for my dreamhost web hosting account… I already have the receipt from google wallet… but the payment is still pending on my web panel. WHAT IS WRONG??


Even though we live in the future, it can take a little while for the fund transfer to complete. When did you pay?


I paid upon the creation of my post above, I checked my atm and the funds have already been taken from my account, and the payment is still pending on my web panel…


I see you’ve already been helped by our support team! If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


they didn’t help me at all, my payment is still pending and the money has already been taken from my bank account, its been almost 2 days now, please help


Have you contacted Google support yet, as Rob suggested in his last support email to you?


yes and they didn’t reply, what doesn’t make sense is why my money has already been taken? where did it go?


Google payment sucks. They take your money straight away and it doesn’t post immediately with who you are wanting to pay. I tried using them a couple of times and never again. It sucked then and I’m sure it still sucks now.


I just received confirmation from dreamhost that my payment went through, I really want to take the support team, unlike other web hosting companies you never ignored a single inquiry I had, even though I asked a lot. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hello Ryo-ohki. “They take your money straight away and it doesn’t post immediately with who you are wanting to pay.” In my experience it takes about 20 seconds from when I (as a merchant) click on “Charge the buyer’s credit card” until it says “Payment completed” (or something like that). Is that what you mean by “not immediately”?

What puzzles me about this thread is the original poster’s reference to “checked my atm”. This suggests that he or she is using google checkout/wallet in an unusual way, involving a bank transfer instead of a credit card transaction. I suppose that could lead to delays.


What they mean is that Google takes the money from your account ASAP, but we (the people you are paying) don’t actually get it for a little while longer. So from your end, it looks like you paid, but in reality the money is ‘in transit.’ This is normal. The money is removed from your bank account ASAP, but there’s a small wait time to ensure there isn’t any money laundering going on.

(Confession: I worked in banking for a long time).


Three days ago I used my American Express card to signup for Dreamhost by prepaying the first year. I’ve been stuck in payment pending since then. I’ve contacted Dreamhost several times and they keep telling me they are waiting for Google Wallet. I’ve contacted Google Wallet and they tell me it is Dreamhost responsibility to move the order forward at this point. Anybody know what to do from here?