Payment options?


What types of payment options are available? I was reading that you can’t use promo codes with PayPal, so I was thinking about alternate solutions.

I don’t have a credit card (I try to stay away from them), so would it be possible to pay with a debit card or something like that?


Yes, you can pay with a debit card. Paypal does have a debit card too you know. You have to have at least a premium account though.

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Which methods of payment do you accept?

Credit Card

Debit Card

Personal Check

Money Order


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Paypal debit is only for US paypal customers.

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(Note: PayPal payments are non-refundable!)[/quote]
PayPal payments are also not available when using a promo code, didn’t you read the original post??

For the OP: Many banks will provide a VISA direct debit card linked to a bank account, these can generally be used just like a credit card, with less inherent risks.

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