Payment method

hi… was just wondering, a friend of mine wanted to sign up, and seems that credit card payment now are processed via google checkout and no longer paypal??
is it true?

Yes, but you can still pay with paypal if you ask support.

An alternative way is to create a username, then you can add credit to your account with paypal.

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I thought if you had a paypal account you could credit it via a credit card. this would allow you to use paypal with a credit card.

I may be wrong I don’t have a credit card myself.

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no,cause if pay via paypal form for credit card, (without a paypal account), its just a one off thing…
but if use google checkout, then you need a google account, and the google account will record the credit card details… not a very good thing when dealing with club accounts…

What are club accounts?

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Now DH prefers Google Checkout.

If you don’t have or don’t want to have a google checkout account, you can ask DH support for help.

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I think we have a running argument about this. I don’t think dreamhost cares what form of payment you use - particularly for U.S. customers. I use a direct credit card payment and I suspect that the majority of dreamhost customers do as well.

Google checkout is waiving merchant fees in 2007 so they are the cheaper option until the end of the year - so dreamhost at least has some incentive to use Google checkout.

Can you pay for renewals and periodic account payments through Google checkout? It doesn’t seem to be an option for my account - though I’m not sure whether that’s a function of my location or my current payment preferences - or whether that’s globally true.

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And if we use google checkout for payment, the account activation seems taking longer than we pay directly using credit card, rite?


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That seems to be the case, mostly because we’ve heard that sometimes there’s a delay between the payment being taken on your credit card by Google Checkout and DreamHost receiving the payment.

OTOH, it’s hard to compare apples-to-apples because everyone only picks one form of payment. Also, I think most people pick a direct credit card payment when they’re offered it and only choose Google Checkout if that’s the only credit card payment option offered them. (I mean, there’s no incentive like at some retailers where you get $10 off for using Google Checkout the first time).

So mostly I think most of the people picking Google Checkout are doing so because it’s the only payment option being presented to them and that it’s the only option being presented them because of the extra fraud protection this option offers dreamhost. As you can imagine, this fraud protection means that approval takes longer, thus the perception that Google Checkout takes longer.

But even if all things were equal, I think you’d be right. :slight_smile:

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