Payment issue


Hey, I setup an account in October with a 1 year plan. I decided that when my time runs out that id like to do the 2 year plan once it ends up. And it put my account balance in negative and says i owe the new balance on the 6th of june, cutting my plan short 4 month and probably my luck a year and four months! Can someone with dreamhost look into this? i signed up in october when it was like 80% off.


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You’ll have to contact support about this, this is just a customer to customer support forum. Contact support through the panel.

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I don’t think you actually lose any of the time remaining on your previous plan. As I understand it, when you change the billing period any unused pre-payment is credited towards the new price and your plans billing start date is changed to the day that you make the changes.

So you should not have been charged the full 2 year cost and the panel should show the ‘Paid Thru (end date)’ as 24 months from the date that you made the changes.


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As I understand it, the pre-payment of any months you still have left gets credited to the payment of your new plan.

E.g. You have four months left,
4 months of $9.95 = $39.80,
The 2 year plan is $190.80,
You pay $190.80 - $39.80 = $151.

So in total you’ve payed $119.40 for the first pre-payment, plus $151 for the 2-year prepayment, which leads to $270.40. That is the same as $190.80 (2-pre) + $79.60 (8 months of $9.95).

I’m not sure how it would work for discounted prices though.


I also got the cheap offer in october - what’s the best way to ensure it renews with a two year plan to get value for money? Please let us know what you find happens to the four remain months.


Like Mattail said :slight_smile: