Payment in GBP?

I was just wondeirng if DH accepts payments in Great British Pounds/Sterling. Also when I update my webpages will they automatically get updated? I’ve been using ccPanel for my other websites and I saw a post that DH’s panel was slow.


As far as I am aware, DreamHost only accepts payment is US dollars. However, if you make the purchase using your credit/debit card or PayPal, the currency transfer will be handled automatically.

I am not 100% sure I understand what you mean here, but when you upload new content to your websites, the changes will be immediate. That is to say, the files you upload will be the ones served by Apache from the moment you upload them.

There was a period when the DreamHost panel was extremely slow, but things have improved greatly over the last couple of months. The panel can still be slow(ish) at various times of the day, but not slow enough to prevent you from getting something done.

DreamHost has a team actively working on improving the response time of the panel, and I expect things to keep improving over time.


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  1. GBP - I can only assume that a conversion will occur. Dreamhost personnel can give you more info.
  2. Of course when you update your webpages your site will be changed. That’s how this stuff is supposed to work. (if it works differently somewhere else, that’s scary.) Of course client side caching can destroy the works of many a web admin.
  3. You’ve tried the panel on the worst possible day. About three hours before your check they had a power hit on one of the data centers that affected a good number of systems. One of the buildings containing the data center had some real issues over the summer (see the dreamhost blog for details) and they have been trying to get all these issues under control.

I hope this helps, others may have more useful comments!

Okie dokie, thanks guys. I will speak with my business partner and when all our plans are in place we’ll most probably come here for hosting.

No problem.

I think you’ll enjoy hosting on DreamHost, some things, such as the panel, are done a little differently here, but the overall flexibility is second to none. You can just about do whatever you wish, as long as it doesn’t affect others on your shared server.

If you run into any problems along the way be sure to ask for help on the forums, there is always someone here who is willing to help.

Good luck.


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