Payment gateway

May i ask if there is anyone here who does not mind to share some information regarding payment gateway, and how i should accomplish an online credit card transaction? Can you pls share any link or sample code you might have?
I will be grateful for any advice and info.


your best bet is using paypal. you can purchase a merchant account – google is your friend – but unless your business is well established and making decent profits paypal is preferable imho. you don’t pay monthly fees in order to use them, they just take a percentage of payments you receive.
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Check out the BNG Payment Gateway, it is simple, inexpensive and will work with a large number of shopping carts.

List of shopping carts that work with it:

Ryan Theis
BNG Holdings, Inc.

Dear Ryan and Ryo,
Thanks much for your replies, was informative.

Ryan, may i ask if your API for online credit card processing provides customized features, meaning that if i can customize user inputs on my site and then post the data
to your services? Do you manage account information as well?
Thanks again,



The API can do a lot of things, but I will need more information to try and answer your question accurately.

Are you looking to have a custom field like for example an account/customer number, or customer’s DOB that you use for your internal use that is recorded with the credit card transaction and is searchable and reportable on the gateways reporting features, because it will do that.