Payment Charged for new Plan


My trial was ending very soon and I used a coupon on signup for $22.40 for the first year. I got an email saying that It would be charged on the card.

Now I already payed $9.95 for the domain covering which would then be used for the hosting. So I wanted to pay the remaining amount with PayPal.

I was told I could Pay with Paypal as that was an option by DH staff. I payed 12.45 to cover the payment for the first year and It opened up a new account for me!!!

It also registered!!! I didn’t ask for this and I was directed by Dreamhost! This surely is an error!

I only had to pay for one happy hosting plan that would be $22.40 total for the first year.

I have contacted DH staff and waiting for reply. This surely has to be an error.

Sounds like your Paypal payment may have gotten linked up with the wrong account somehow? Paypal can be kind of weird sometimes… any case, wait for a reply from DreamHost Support. They’ll fix you right up.