Paying with PayPal

It seems I made a mistake by paying for a new dh account with my PayPal. DH has received my payment in full for one year but they say they won’t activate my account until I send them a credit card fax as well which authorizes charging my credit card now and for automatic renewals. If I’d wanted to give them my cc details, I would’ve paid that way in the first place! I sort of regret it now because they don’t give refunds with PayPal. I’m stuck; has anyone else paid with their PayPal?

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when i paid with PP they didn’t ask me anything else.

Contact the support and specify the paypal transaction #

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I paid by PayPal when I signed up and my account was activated within minutes without me having to fax any other documentation, but this was a while ago and a lot of things have changed since then.

DreamHost has quite a thorough fraud prevention systion in place, so it is possible that they require the credit card fax for reasons other than future charges, proof of identity for example.


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