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Hello there,

Last year, I have ordered a DreamHost hosting service like many others have, but since I am rather new to this I have a question about the payment for the next year. I bought a plan which lasts till end August 2007. The question I have is: How will I be able to extend my plan for another year?

The support on the control panel is not completely clear to me and it makes me a bit insecure. I hope there is someone who can help me out or can give me a bit more information about extending my hosting plan.

The only way I can pay is via PayPal, so getting the AutoPay function using a credit card won’t work for me.

In the control panel, under the ‘Billing’ option, you can select ‘Make Payment’. You can pay a year in advance today if you want, and you’ll be automatically credited with that year once your current renewal time comes up.

EDIT: I guess I should also add that your yearly amount will be whatever is listed under the plan you’ve currently gone with. So for me, I went with Crazy Domain Insane, I’d be paying something like $120. Any extra funds I pay to DreamHost will just be credited to my account for the future.

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I haven’t experienced that yet. If we forget to make payment to renew the plan for some reasons, will DH send us a reminder?

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You should receive an email reminder about a week before your account is due for renewal. I like to make an advance payment when I receive that reminder, so that my account has sufficient funds to cover the renewal.

Another option, if you have a credit-card, is to enter the cards details in the Make Payment section of the panel and the card will be automatically billed when the renewal is due.


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thank mark.

another question. If I forgot to renew my account, and I think, DH will freeze my account. right?

And again, maybe half year later, if I want to make payment to renew the account, will I get everything back with full server space and bandwidth – and my domain name?

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I am only guessing here, but I don’t think they’d freeze your account immediately. I imagine they would send you another reminder and give you a little extra time to bring the account status back up to fully paid-up.

As I said though, this is only a guess, the best way to get a definitive answer would be to ask DreamHost support.

That is an interesting question and, once again, a question best asked of DreamHost support.

I would think that once your hosting account has lapsed you would lose any accrued disk-space/bandwidth bonuses and would have to start from scratch. The domain name would of-course remain yours, as long as you don’t let the domain registration lapse, this is true regardless of whether or not you maintain your DreamHost hosting plan.


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I think it is better to pay in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank for your answer mark.

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Dear Moussee, thank you for your reply.

I have checked my account. and I am on the page ‘make payment’. There I can choose what kind of payment I want to do. The only way I can pay is through Paypal.

What I was wondering, is if I pay via paypal now. Will it work like a bank account? That if I pay money through paypal that my DH account gets a certain amount of money on. That I can use to pay bills of DH.

Because I also have crazy domain insane, and that also costs 120 dollar… If I pay now via paypal, will DH extend my membership with a year starting from the date it should expire (somewhere august this year)?

Yes. This is how I pay for my plan renewal each year.

About a month or so before my plan is due for renewal, I pay the required amount into my DreamHost account using PayPal. This gives my account a positive balance, so when the plan is actually due for renewal, DreamHost deduct the plan cost from my account balance.


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Thank you very much for your help Mark! I’ll do what you do too.