Pay via Paypal or alertpay



I dont speak very english, Im Spanish.

Acabo de ver este servicio de host y me preguntaba, hay alguna forma de pagar sin tarjeta de crédito?
Tengo paypal y alertpay pero no tengo tarjeta de crédito y el resto de hostings que vi no me dan mucha esperanza, solo pero no acepta españoles :frowning:

I finish seeing this service of host and it asked to me, is some form to pay without credit card? I have paypal and alertpay but I do not have credit card. The rest of hostings that I saw not gives much hope me, only but dont accept spanish :frowning:


You can use PayPal, but you can not get a refund if you do not like the service. You need to pay with a credit card to qualify for the “satisfaction guaranteed” refund.

This looks close:
Usted puede utilizar PayPal, pero usted no puede conseguir un reembolso si usted no tiene gusto del servicio. Usted necesita pagar con una tarjeta de crédito calificar para el reembolso “garantizado satisfacción”.



Bueno gracias.

No espero quedar insatisfecho con dreamhost, y paypal tiene la opción de devolver el importe integro…
De todas formas si se puede, ¿me podrías decir cómo pagar por paypal? no veo ninguna opción.

I do not hope to be unsatisfied with dreamhost, and paypal has the option to give back the integral amount… In any case if can, you could say how to pay to me by paypal? I do not see any option.


DH accepts PayPal and Google Checkout!

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This says Refunds for Credit Cards or Google Checkout only:

To sign up, answer the questions, then go to “Continue to Secure Payment.” I don’t know what that looks like, but it should let you choose PayPal instead of Google Checkout or Credit Card. Did you look?

For me, I can use PayPal to renew:



I look:

I dont look paypal, only checkout, check and gift certificate (¿?)



That’s not good. It could be because you’re not in the U.S. I just saw this:

You need to find a way to pay with a credit card or Google Checkout, or just send a check (which will take a long time).



ok, 100tnhx

I dont have credid card… go want other hosting. :confused:

Thnx, gob bye


Yes, and I’m pretty sure that you need a credit card to use Google Checkout as well. (think, people, think!)

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While GC needs a credit card, it’s easier to have a friend let you use their Google Checkout than their credit card. It’s just not identical to using a credit card and can be a more viable alternative.



Very interesting!

In what way is it easier? I’d have thought that fraud detection is fraud detection and that Google checkout is just a way for Google to implement their own fraud detection for their vendors and to consolidate shopping/tracking information across retailers and vendors. Are you saying that I can purchase an item through Google checkout where I provide identification to the vendor that doesn’t match the identification on the credit card that Google checkout is going to charge for the transaction?

I know that part of the appeal of Google checkout is the “arms length” and “single transaction approval” that you’re provided against the vendor. I’d have thought that vendors would still be able to require some form of indentity verification in order to avoid fraudulent charges and to satisfy certain government reporting requirements (for purchases of airline tickets, for example).

On the other hand, I could see how it could act as an anonymous purchasing agent. It’s just that I never guessed that it went that far!

Thanks, Scott!

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It could be as simple as “Hey, buddy, I don’t have a credit card, but can I give you cash and have you do a Google Checkout to start my web hosting?” Much better than having your account tied to your friend’s credit card number.



Ah yes, but I wonder if that would pass fraud detection?

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