Pay to View Help

I recently was asked if I would do the photography work for a young lady wanting to set up a “Pay to View” Web Site and then asked if I could help her set up the Site. I know little about HTML (as you’ll notice if you take a look at my own Web Site) but my biggest need is who to use to take care of the money for those who wish to view the site as well as how to set up the password so that those who do pay to view are able to do so. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.


You probably would do well to get on the mailing list at

If your questions are that basic, you probably don’t realize what else you need to know. I already had answers to those two questions, and I’ve been learning a lot.

Thanks for the suggestion. If you have the time to share with me what you have already learned I’d appreciate it if you would email me at the address of

Thanks for your time.