Pay registred domain per paypal?

hi. is it possible to pay my domain via paypal ??


(Account #322380)

thanks !

We’re just customers here, but my Panel lets me use PayPal to pay for any services DreamHost offers. Go here and scroll to the bottom:


Yes you can pay via paypal for your domain. Register the domain within the panel, wait until you get the email telling you the registration was successful.

Then in the panel go to Billing->Make Payment, here you will see your current balance for your account which will be in the red unless you have some credit, scroll down the page to Pay via Paypal, enter the amount you wish to pay if it isn’t already filled in, then click Pay Through Paypal. This will take you to the Paypal web site to make the payment.

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but i don’t have an account yet. just want one domain …

Hmm. Have you tried registering a domain through this url?

Do you not have an account or do you not have a full hosting account? What was that account number you gave us in your original post? I think it’s led many repliers here to think you have an account. In other words, do you have access to the DreamHost control panel through someone elses account or something?

Anyway, this is probably one of those topics that most people here don’t have direct experience with because most of the readers of this board have hosting accounts at DreamHost. If you contact DreamHost support through the following form, I’m sure they’ll be able to help you!

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i don’t have access to the panel…

but thx for the support form !

If you don’t have a hosting account with Dreamhost I’d be reluctant to register a domain through them, since you don’t have a lot of options as to what you can do with the domain, I’m pretty sure all Dreamhost gives access to is the whois info and the ability to set the DNS to someone other than Dreamhost. If you don’t have a hosting account with them they will not host the DNS for your domain.

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