Pay Per View Video Streaming

Does anyone out there know how to set up a pay per view video stream? I’m a film maker and have a documentary film I would like to stream myself from my own site. I need to figure out how to set up a system with PayPal payments, leading the user to their own password protected streaming access, for a set period of time. There has to be a way to do this!

you’ll need to use a token-based streaming program, such as xmoovstream, and either code your own token generating program using paypal APIs or somehow modify a shopping cart program. I don’t think there’s a ready-made solution available. You’ll need to find someone (or do it yourself) to hack the programs together.

I’m also interested in offering streamed video and audio content from my site.

I already have Zen Cart installed and am able to sell physical items (DVDs, CDs, etc.) and e-books (in PDF form), but I want to be able to offer customers an opportunity to pay to watch or listen to things.

I found a couple of other sites that are obviously using Zen Cart to sytream video, but when I’ve written them to ask how they did that, they don’t write back.

Does anyone here already do that with Zen Cart? Would LOVE some suggestions or pointers, please!



Depending on how professional you want it to be, but if you need paid subscription, streaming video and a good way to store/play your streaming video’s (other then quicktime), look at this option:
A WordPress blog with plugin s2Members (for subscriptions, PayPal included) and for streaming plugin (free) EZWebplayer ( PRO 14.95 a month for good streaming - with movie selection and all - 30 day free trial).
I use them both independent from eachother, both could also work together.

Hi Marlowe55,

The Invideous in-player Paywall does exactly that. We integrate directly with mainstream OVPs at platform level meaning you can usually add the Paywall via your OVP control panel, so no complicated setup or API knowledge required. The Invideous Paywall then enables you as a Publisher to process consumer payments within your video player without viewers leaving the page.

You set the initial ‘free’ period, I.e.60 seconds. The Paywall then stops the video and processes the user payment via C/Card, D/Card, Paypal or SMS at the rate you have specified, before allowing playback to resume.

Tariff options are set using the web based control panel, options include single view, daily/weekly/monthly access or rolling subscriptions. The Paywall supports 12 languages and handles most major currencies. Receipts are fully branded and the look and feel of the paywall itself can be configured in line with your site.

Although rarely needed, 24hr consumer support services are in place for peace of mind. You can also us the voucher based system to offer consumer discounts by email to assist in marketing etc…

There are no set-up fees and Invideous simply retain a small fraction of ongoing revenues.

Please drop me a line if you are interested in trialling, I’d be happy to talk you through it.

Kind Regards,

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