Pay DH in my local currency



I don’t know how it works in other countries, but here in Brazil I have to pay Dreamhost in dollar. For that, the fee is very expensive. This hasn’t been worth it.

It’s a very good thing for competitors here who charge the clients in Real.

Is there a possibility to pay Dreamhost in my local currency? (or a plan for doing so)

Is this occurs in any other country? If you are a foreigner, how do you pay DH and what do you suggest?



I am from Argentina, and I have to pay DH in dollars.
I use other hosting providers, and the same thing happens, you must pay in dollars.
Except for Europeans, you pay in euros.

They are very few, and I think they are resellers, the ones that accept payments in local currency. But they are very expensive.
I prefer to pay in dollars directly, before other resellers (and they are not DH resellers, they are small companies that buy a VPS or dedicated and resell it in Argentina).

Answer: DH only accepts US dollars. Here the page where it explains:


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