Ok I searched and tried multiple things but I can’t get my domain path right.

I’m using a script for birthdays and what you have to do is put a path to your bday folder.

My bday folder is called bdays so
Paths I tried:


Where is your script running from? If it’s running in your folder then the path to bday would be bday

If you are in another folder under then you might need …/bday

Just a thought. Perhaps ftp’ing in might show things a bit clearer.

Normally you’d leave out the dot folder but have you tried it with it in…



ITs in a folder under
I uploaded it through ftp.


Is it a different name to bday? If it is, then use the double dot method.



I have found that there are times when you need to use a period before the folder.
ex. if your folder was then you may need to use ./bday for a relative directory.
This is assuming the script is in the domain folder.


If you can’t get any of the path examples you’ve been given to work, maybe double check that the folder name is lower case like you entered here–since Bday, bDay, BDAY, etc… aren’t the same.

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Thanks guys, I got it.
You guys were a big help :slight_smile: