Path problem with Dolibarr

Hello guys,

My apologies for disturbing you, but I got a little problem installing Dolibarr on my hosting.

Apparently it seems to be a pathing problem :

It ask me to provide the path of the directory where web pages are stored

Giving me fine examples and telling me not to put the slash “/” at the end




So well, I’m providing the following kind of path :


where user is replaced by the username and by my owndomain.

Apparently it doesn’t like my answer and tell me that I may have typed a wrong value for parameter ‘Directory where web pages are stored’.

Would anyone be able to lend me a hand perchance ?



Their docs are in French, so I’m not sure why they’re so intent on using /var. Does /home/user/ actually exist? If it’s the only thing you’ll be running, then try /home/user/

The docs did say you need to touch a .conf file, which creates an empty file, probably so it can write your conf for you.



/home/user/ doesn’t really seems to work any better frowns a bit. I’ve tried some variation and tinkered a bit with it but looks like I’m still stuck.

If I can find something, I’ll keep you in touch …

Thanks anyway for having taken a few mins to look at it.

I’ll try to have a better look at it tomorrow morning.



Got your PM. Check it. Looks like Dolibarr needs a special Web Root directory setup.