Pastebin installation: 500 Internal Server error



I tried installing pastebin ( on a
subdomain (
I followed instructions in the INSTALL file but I recieve a 500
Internal Server error.

I feel it has to do with .htaccess. Here is the content of my .htaccess

[code][lemonhead]$ cat .htaccess
<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot /home/koobi

php_value include_path .:/home/koobi/
php_value register_globals off
DirectoryIndex pastebin.php
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule /([0-9]+) /pastebin.php?show=$1


and my current working dir

[lemonhead]$ pwd /home/koobi/

and my folder structure

[code][lemonhead]$ ls -Rah
. … .htaccess favicon.ico layout.php lib pastebin.css
pastebin.js pastebin.php

. … config geshi pastebin

. … default.conf.php

. … contrib docs geshi geshi.php geshi.php.#.1.2

. … cssgen.php example.php


. autoit.php cpp.php eiffel.php
javascript.php ocaml.php robots.php tsql.php
… bash.php csharp.php fortran.php
lisp.php oobas.php ruby.php vb.php
actionscript-french.php blitzbasic.php css-gen.cfg freebasic.php
lua.php oracle8.php sas.php vbnet.php
actionscript.php c.php css.php gml.php
matlab.php pascal.php scheme.php vhdl.php
ada.php c_mac.php d.php html4strict.php
mpasm.php perl.php sdlbasic.php visualfoxpro.php
apache.php caddcl.php delphi.php ini.php
mysql.php php-brief.php smarty.php xml.php
applescript.php cadlisp.php diff.php inno.php
nsis.php php.php sql.php
asm.php cfdg.php div.php java.php
objc.php python.php tcl.php
asp.php cfm.php dos.php java5.php
ocaml-brief.php qbasic.php text.php

. … db.mysql.class.php diff.class.php pastebin.class.php

Any idea why I recieve the 500 Internal Error message?
Thanks for your time.


Is this a perl script that’s returning the error? If that’s the case it may as simple of a problem as setting the permissions.

–Matttail - personal website


Hi Matttail,
No, as you can see, they’re all PHP scripts.


I eventually decided to scrap .htaccess and just alter the paths to the files in the PHP scripts, manually.

It works now, not how I want it to but I really don’t mind.

Thanks anyway.