I am the administrator of our DH site and I am attempting to organize our user information. We have 30 or so users most with different passwords. I often get the call regarding forgotten passwords. I also don’t remember them. Is there a way I can either export, reveal, or send passwords to me to I can keep them in my own safe place?

Not any longer. At one time, that function was available in the DH control panel, but the plain-text storing of passwords was/is a significant security risk. The ability to view existing passwords is no longer available from within the DreamHost panel.

You can reset (generate “new”) passwords, which enables you to get into an account/user space where the password is lost, but you cannot display the current password.


Thanks. That really just sucks. I do understand the security issue but if I am an administrator, I think I should have a bit more control…but that is just me. At least there should be another area like a double super secret level where passwords can reside.

I know what you mean, and it was convenient to have them available in the past.

The problem is that, no matter how “super-secret” you try to make them, if you make them displayable over the web, or even in email, having them in “plaintext” means they could be viewed by an unauthorized person.

If you change a user’s password, then notify them of the change, it’s an inconvenience, but it is more secure.


Related question…

Is there any way for a user to reset his own password?

If so, can he select his own >6 letter password in addition to a random?


From what I know, users can change their own passwords for email addresses only.

Others like FTP accounts, DH accounts, etc, users have to log into DH panel.

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man, egg on face. I forgto about that. thanks!


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I believe shell users can also use the passwd command.

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