I have a question, and I am not sure it is even a viable one. Is there a way to create a ‘subdomain’ that would require someone to have to enter a password before they can enter it? I use my site for different reasons, and posting my school papers is one of them. I would like to be able to create a subdomain to publish those papers, and ONLY allow access to my instructors. So is it possible to give the Instructors a password, and only they could then ‘enter’ those pages?
Thanks to anyone who can help with this!

There are two ways to do this using HTTP Basic authentication:

  1. Dreamhost Panel
  2. By hand

Dreamhost Panel

  1. Login
  2. Create subdomain, fully hosted
  3. Wait until subdomain is active (ie you can browse to and get a blank directory listing)
  4. Go to Goodies -> Htaccess, choose the subdomain, do not enter a path, setup username and passwords
  5. Dreamhost Panel will put a .htaccess and .htpasswd file in the directory for the subdomain

By hand

  1. Apache documentation here:
  2. .htpasswd does not have to be in same directory as the .htaccess file
  3. In shell, you can use htpasswd to create .htpasswd files
  4. If you are a programmer, you can develop or install scripts, etc to create/manipulate the files

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