I am having a hard time finding my server password. I have all of the original emails from when I first signed up for this service, but for some reason that password doesnt work. Could I have changed it? I am trying to set up my email with Outlook Express…and it isnt working (I keep getting the message to put in my password).

Any help would be appreciated!

Having the same issue, cant access ftp says invalid login, i havent changed my password?? Wonder if this is a problem with dreamhost?

If you are using the password you get in the email, it’s probably wrong. You might have noticed that (for me at least), the email was all garbled for the most part. You should look in your support history on your panel if you can. That contains all the information you get in emails from DH. If you can’t get your password for your panel, I dunno :S

No im using the newest password, it must be the server im on, cause now my webiste is down too, but ftp has been down for more than 24hrs.

I’m having the same problem and I haven’t changed anything in the last month. Says invalid password when I try to connect to ftp. errrrggggghhhh
I can’t work on my board.