Password won't sitck


My e-mail is down this morning and mail keeps promting me for my password, and the pw does not stick. any thoughts?


Are you saying that it’s reverting to an old password, or you have to keep typing it in all the time?

Is this webmail, or a mail client on your computer?



I need to keep typing it in each time I try to retrive mail and it won’t accept the password. I have shut down the computer, swapped from airport to ethernet and nothing seems to work.

mail client



I suspect its a username issue. Servers will complain about an incorrect password if the username isn’t correct.

Is your mail account your FTP account as well? I’m just trying to figure whether it’s a mail-only account, which means that your username will be mXXXXXX. If so, you’ll have to go to your Account settings in and change your username in the Account Information pane.

Give your webmail account a try. Go to and see if your regular username and password work there.