Password protection

I am trying to password protect a directory using .htaccess but am
failing to get the page despite providing correct password.
.htaccess and .htpasswd are in same dir that requires protection.

.htaccess reads:
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /.htpasswd
AuthName "Private Area"
require valid-user

.htpasswd reads:

I get the login window but fail to authenticate despite providing
login/password provided in .htpasswd.

Any suggestios? Thanks

[quote].htpasswd reads:


Should be like

.htpasswd reads:

after password conversion.

Try here?

I usually just use the password protection option from the panel. Its under Goodies >> htaccess.

Does it for you in a few minutes

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Thanks for the suggestions.
I don’t wish to have WebDAV overwrite my other .htaccess file so am
unable to use that.
Despite encrypting the password - now ‘user:encrypted-form’ still
unable to get it working.
Could you please advise if path to ‘AuthUserFile’ above is correct or
if it should be in root - and if there could be a problem with

Although both .htaccess password protection and WebDAV are both set up from the same panel page, WebDAV is not at all involved with the .htaccess password protection process. Just make sure you don’t check any of the “WebDAV” stuff on the panel page.

You can always just rename your existing .htaccess file to something (orig_htaccess, for example), use the panel Password Protection tool to set up you .htpasswd file and manage your user/password combinations (which will create a new “.htaccess” file), and then merge the contents of your original .htaccess file into it with a text editor.

At least that way you will know that you have correctly encrypted passwords and valid entries n the .htpasswd file. :wink:

How did you encrypt the password(s)?

I can’t comment on your permissions (I don’t know how they are set), but you could put the ‘AuthUserFile’ anywhere you want and it shouldn’t make any difference as long as you have detailed the full path correctly in the .htaccess file.


Took your advice and got it working thru WebDAV - will download the
file shortly to see how they set it up.

“How did you encrypt the password(s)?” - at tools.jcisio.

Many thanks for the help.