Password Protecting Domains

I’m kind of new and couldn’t find an answer to this question after a search - but does anyone know how to password protect a domain via the control panel? Right now if someone goes to one of my domains it just lists all the subfolders of that domain.

Thanks in advance!

Go to Goodies -> htaccess/WebDAV. You can enter the domain and no subfolder (blank) to protect the whole domain with usernames and passwords. Use the Protect Folder checkbox.


I did that and it’s a no go. I password protected AND enabled WEBDav (I also disabled WebDAV) with user name and pw and still nothing. I can access the website just fine without having to type in any sort of login.

Any other ideas?

I tried to view it on two different computers. No .htaccess file is there.

What method are you using to check for the .htaccess file? If using ftp, which client are you running? Most ftp programs won’t show it unless you configure them to “view hidden files”. For security reasons, web browsers aren’t allowed to view the files, even if you explicitly type the path to the file. When viewing the directory through ssh, you won’t see those files with “ls”, you have to use “ls -a”.

When this is configured properly, you will also see a .htpasswd file on the server. Here’s an example of a protected directory for one of my clients: