Password protected subdirectories

I’ve been password-protecting some of my directories for a long time now and it has always worked great. However, I was getting tired of making my frequent changes to 20+ subdirectories and moved all my files into ONE subdirectory.
from etc.

to etc.

Accessing works perfectly fine, just the subdirectories don’t. Whenever I type in the username/password, I get another pop-up that keeps asking me for username/password. It’s like I’m trapped in a loop… I’ve also tried ‘esc’ because that sometimes helps, but all I get is the ‘you are not authorized’ message.

Does anyone know if it’s impossible to password-protect a subdirectory that contends several subdirectories?

Sure, you can do that! Did you protect these subdirectories using the Control Panel -> Goodies -> WebDav/.Htaccess screen? I’m only asking as it will help me know how to advise you to “fix” this, and how you set this up makes a difference on where your .htpasswd files were placed.

One other thing, before we go any farther, I suggest you “close” all your open browser windows before trying your new setup - the browser remembers whether you have or have not successfully logged in to a password protected directory using .htaccess for the length or the browser session - this can cause confusion when changing things! :wink:


I’m blonde, it’s offical now. I accidentally moved the subdirectories with all the old htaccess files. Stupid me. It’s working perfectly fine now. Thanks for helping me sort this out. :smiley:

Ha ha ha! It’s good to keep a sense of humor when things get borked! Believe me, you are not the first (and probably will not be the last) to have that happen. Not a problem, and I’m glad you got it sorted! :wink: