Password protect a webpage

I am looking to protect a webpage with a single password people can use to restrict my playbook for an aau team i have.

i am really confused with the various solutions i have seen in the forum. i use dreamweaver to edit the website. is there an easy way to do this?

thanks in advance

read this
then let us know if you have additional questions.

ok, think i have it, thanks

note that using htaccess for authentication (both basic and digest) is not the most secure method available. It’ll do to keep out most people, but someone determined to get in might be able to get in. basic authentication transmits cleartext passwords, so make sure you don’t recycle…

please some one please help me with bulk email sender php, webmail…

You should probably start a new thread and include more specific information about what you are having trouble with. Be aware there are sending limits, see for more info. (note: the page title says SMTP quota, but the php/shell sending quota’s are included also.

I read the HTAccess wiki, setup the .htaccess and .htpasswd files and not only did it list the files in the directory, but allowed me total access - without any username/password. Not good.
Next I went into the CPanel, and I found the Htaccess/WebDAV section and added the directory to be protected and username/passwords, then saved it.
No different, I could still access the directory and files without any username/password required.
Does this CPanel function not work? Does it have something to do with the servers? According to the wiki, this should work. Or is there something I am missing here? I used php
$dir = dirname(FILE);
echo $dir
to confirm the directory was correct - and it is the same one that CPanel used to create the .htaccess file.


restart your browser and try again. there’s no way to log out of basic authentication, so you are likely still authenticated from a previous page view

correctly setting an .htaccess and .htpasswd does work and it takes effect immediately.

The panel (which is not cPanel™ by the way) page you reference will generate those files for you, however there is a delay of somewhere around 15-20 minutes before that change will be pushed out to the server.

Patience is a virture that slips by me sometimes. Yes, I tried it this morning and it works as designed. It’s hard to know when to “wait” or just assume it’s not working right.

hi blackeye70,

You just create a page that you want to protected and after this create the .htpasswd file in this file you contain the secret username and password and after this you need to create the .htaccess file.