Password propagation


I want to change the password for my FTP DBA. We noticed that the current password for that user id is embedded within each file on our site.

When I do a change password for that user, will the new password be distributed throughout all of our site files replacing the current/old one? If not, how does this get accomplished?

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Passwords technically exist in only one place. All of your sites use a single source for the FTP user’s password. I don’t understand what you mean by the password being embedded within each file on the site. The Username is, but that’s just an ownership tag.

If you actually mean a database password for a database user, the same thing applies.

To help clarify, where is it that you plan on changing the password? From the panel under Manage Users, or also the panel under Manage MySQL? Or somewhere else?


Hi Scott,

Let me start with the easiest part. I want to change the password using the panel under Manage Users. In addition, this is not a problem I have observed, our DBA lives two time zones away from me. Awkward situation, but we are trying to do our best.

The question about passwords came about when he said that he has to supply a password when creating links to other files. When he creates the link from Page A to Page B, he gets asked for the new page name and then the password which he inputs as his user password.

The concern is since this is part of the process for creating a link will we have to go back and recreate all of our links with the new password once I change the user id password?


Changing the password under Manage Users is instantaneous.

How are you trying to create links to other files? Through WebFTP, or some other interface? To me, it sounds like it needs a password to create this link. Not that it’s embedded, but you’re essentially adding a file to your site.


We use Microsoft Office Word to do the file editing. I agree, that it does sound like it needs the password to validate the user who is trying to make a change.

What I am going to do is to make the password change for the DBA and see what happens after that. If my theory is correct any changes that are made after that will accept the new password.

One question, if we have a problem creating links after I change PW’s do you think we could drop back by going into the Manage User panel and using the old password?

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You could try to revert to the old password, but I can see no reason why there’d be a problem with Word and the new password.


Well, I think we will not have a problem, so I have obtained a new PW and sent it to the DBA.

Stay tuned for news and film at eleven!!

Thanks again Scott,


Everything is working as it should. I now have one very happy and amazed DBA. When he asked, I just told him that it was all done with mirrors!!! LOL!

Thanks for the help Scott. Thread closed, I believe all is well.


I am not real clear on what you’re asking about. Did you get your issue resolved? The OP struck me as if you’re talking about the database user/pass being embedded in a whole bunch of files.

If that’s the case I’d recommend replacing that line that includes a configuration file. Then you can place that sort of information in only one location. This is how I do that usually…

<?php session_start(); $includePath = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]; require_once("$includePath/com/sysConfig.php"); ?>

Please ignore my previous post. I was thinking about something else and my post makes no sense here. I tried to edit, but I waited too long to do it.

LOL!!! I understand completely, I have at times done the same thing myself only not as intelligently as you did.