Password nightmare


I am so sick of Dreamhost’s password shuffle since the mass password dump.
Having to repeatedly change my passwords because the last one won’t work 2 days later over and over again sucks.
now every one of my domains have a seperate password and it all gets hard to remember…
The new password reset no longer works and now I am blocked out of my sites.
Editing my sites should NOT involve days of fighting passwords and screaming at the screen!
I am quickly becoming an unhappy camper longing for a service with no drama.
12 yrs with DreamHost and thinking Divorce…


LastPass, 1Password, etc. are all excellent password management apps and will create secure passwords for you.
While I empathize and agree that perhaps DH may have been able to handle this shift better, it is not unprecedented for a webhost to require secure and/or unique passwords per user/domain. This policy should’ve been in place from the beginning.

I strongly urge you to check out LastPass or 1Password or any other password management app/device. If you are a Mac user, I suggest 1Password – it is built well for the Mac ecosystem.



Please could you explain more what all this is about? Has something gone wrong with DH password mechanisms recently? I haven’t noticed any problem. Tia.


support tells me they are having no problems opening my ftp. yet I can’t get in. When I try to get in over the past summer it turns into a password search. sometimes the “new” password gets me in, sometimes only the “old” pre dump password does it. I have reset the password so many times, wait a day and still can’t get in on any of my computers that it’s wearing me out. Maybe it’s something I’m doing but after 12 years with DH and multiple websites regularly updated using the same ftp program I have never had a problem till this summer.


Unless anyone else can confirm that the problem is at the DH end, it sounds as though something has gone wrong with your development environment.

Maybe (but this is just a wild guess) you are accessing FTP through a complicated hierarchy of scripts and some of them are auto-supplying the wrong password in an unobvious way.